After jobs in advertising, event management, dancing and many others in between, I picked up a camera intent on taking great photos on my travels. Armed with my Canon DSLR, the Lonely Planet’s Guide to Travel Photography and nineteen months away in Asia, I was hooked! For the next few years, it would be practising and educating myself on all things photography.

I started in travel, wedding and event photography, however, when my daughter was born, she became my little muse! I couldn’t take enough photos of her when I realised just how fast she was changing. This inspired a passion for capturing portraitures!

Earlier this year, I expanded my services into the exciting world of Brand Photography, where I can be instrumental in helping small business owners and entrepreneurs, like myself, be seen and to shine! In today’s social media-driven world, first impressions matter more than ever and what truly sets you apart from the noise is YOU! My mission is to craft a cohesive collection of beautiful images showcasing the person behind the brand to attract their dream clients. It thrills me to be able to help fellow small businesses grow!

  • I have lived in 3 capital cities, but ultimately call London home
  • I met my husband because he missed his flight
  • I’m Mummy to two high-spirited girls
  • I can watch films back-to-back-to-back-to-back!
  • I am not a morning person… but I’m trying to be
  • I’m super organised and love spreadsheets
  • I’m an ENFJ personality type
  • I’m a podcast addict
  • I am a huge fan of good manners and common sense
  • I love how old photos of my mum bring tears and smiles at the same time… I wish had more of them!